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The Weeklies: March 12 - 18

That evening I paced across the rug in the living room through a dense cloud of my thoughts. Do you ever feel as though you are just...waiting? Like you are paused watching something far away grow close, but you can't tell if it's good or bad, and you can only stand and wait?

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The Weeklies: March 24 - 30

When people ask me what I want to be like when I'm older, I always see the same thing: a woman with a mature version of my face, wearing a Barbour jacket with a dog tucked under her arm.

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The Weeklies: October 13 - 20

"Did you need anything else?" the shopkeeper asked. 

"I want something new," I said. I was kind of pleading. She walked me to the shelf and picked up a ball point.

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A palette cleanser, if you will allow...

So the weeklies these next few weeks are very un-weekly, so while you wait patiently, I thought I'd remind you of all the thrilling posts in my archives.

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People say all the time, "But your blog is so open," and I want to tell them that is just the surface. 

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Photo Journal: Trisha Brown at River to River