A palette cleanser, if you will allow...

So the weeklies these next few weeks are very un-weekly, so while you wait patiently, I thought I'd remind you of all the thrilling posts in my archives. Take your pick, they're carefully curated by what you're in the mood for: 


I want to read about travel and adventure!  (Or, I just want to see pretty pictures.) 

  1. That time I randomly went to Shelter Island with a boy I hardly knew. (Spoiler: I didn't get murdered.)

  2. Seven Nights in Hong Kong -- hiking, eating, exploring. (Part one, two, and three.)

  3. My trip to Las Vegas. Strippers, nightclubs, canyons, Hunter S. Thompson. (Part one, part two, part three and part four.)

  4. Living out my "Vertigo" dreams in San Francisco (Part one and part two)

  5. Hot Springs, and Mountains and Bears in Colorado.

  6. My first trip to Montauk and the one trip that made me fall in love with it.

  7. Paris and London the second time around.

  8. Coronado, California and Boston, Mass., briefly.

  9. Newport, RI.


You're annoying. Here's further proof: 

  1. My love triangle. (Yeah, you read that right.)

  2. Ye old bucket list.


I'm going on too many first dates. Honey, you ain't got nothing on me. These posts are one-tenth of one percent of first dates I've been on...

  1. My date with a prominent New York birder.

  2. My MET Museum date.

  3. Dating men with cars and men with dogs.

  4. A sad, "I was ghosted," post.

  5. That date with the famous photographer at my favorite bar.

  6. How (most of them) take their drinks.


I want to read about Mobile or, at least see some good photos.

  1. A frustrated take here.

  2. An essay from my high school days when I used to ride horses.

  3. A Christmas trip.