The Weeklies: July 22 - 28

There is little to report on this week. I was busy with work and ticking things off my long pre-vacation to-do list (read: logistics and lots of self-loathing while trying on bathing suits). I spent a lot of time wondering if and when I'll be able to write The Weeklies while I'm on several back-to-back mini vacations before one big trip. Ideally, I'd send rough notes from the field with beautiful pictures and then after I return, flesh out everything for you in a series. I'm not sure if it'll work, but I'll try. Then the week of September 1 we'll be back to our regularly scheduled posts. 

Not to plug in such a boorish way, but of course they'll always be lots of nearly-real-time video over on Instagram (both stories and posts) in less than a week: @arieldavis

Till then.