The Weeklies: October 21 - 27

Last Sunday, Alistair and I put on our coats and scarves and took the G train to Gownus. His cousin was participating in an open studio event. 

"This neighborhood goes all out for Halloween," Alistair said. Most of the stoops were decorated with pumpkins. It was nice to cap the weekend in this way: sipping hot apple cider and looking at art.  

Monday was Suni's last day in the city before she returned to the west coast. (If you remember from last week, she joined Alistair and I at the opera.) She planned for us to have lunch near my office. It was a quick, 45-minute meal, but it was so good to talk, again. Its never enough time. I realized that since my two best friends in the city have moved away, I'm a bottle about to burst. There are many ideas and stories and thoughts I want to share with them, but I forget them after awhile. 

The rest of the week in one word: painful. I was anxious, tearful, tired. A storm hit the city on Saturday. Alistair and I stayed in binge watching the most recent season of "Love Island." (Don’t ask.)

My few moments outdoors were in the cold and wind. Fall is a primer for winter, I don't much get the appeal.