Getting Through September

Labor Day is almost here. For me it is the most dreaded day of summer because up north it is the "last day" of summer (unlike where I'm from, where the season lasts till November 25th and October has a swatch of 21 perfect days). Summer in New York is just a visitor. Winter is the resident. 

Last year summer brought me Bo and this one will take him away. He's moving to Rome -- yes, Rome, Italy -- to study medicine. I've known Bo was leaving since March. With every romantic post I've written, his departure has been the hanging black cloud in the sky. Despite this, our year was fantastic. He still makes me feel like I swallowed a box of fireworks. I kept this a secret from the blog for a number of reasons. When we first began dating that idea wasn't solid, and our relationship was too new for the "but what if you're moving?" discussion and post. But now Rome is the reality. I'm already sad.

What does one do in these situations? You try to enjoy the time you have. You read listicles on long distance relationships. You download the "Couple" app. You put distractions on the calendar to keep busy. For me, that means making a major two-weekend commitment as a Papal volunteer during his visit to Philadelphia (definitely much more on that later). 

 "That'll get you through September, but what's next?" asked one of Bo's friends. 

A valid question. Panicked, I booked a ticket to San Francisco in October to see as many "Vertigo" filming locations as possible, to hang out the side of a cable car tourist-style, to eat Ghirardelli chocolate, and to hug a Redwood on a hike in Muir Woods. (After Hong Kong, I want to hike on nearly every trip if I can.) 

Then in November I'll go to Rome to visit Bo. My first trip to Italy.

In the in-between I have my words. I have New York City. I'll try to stay upbeat.